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Team UNC  

We are UNC proud!

Team UNC consists of faculty, staff and students of the University of Northern Colorado who are committed to the excellence of this university and the preparation of its students by giving financial support to the university.

As faculty and staff, you see first-hand the needs of our students and facilities. How you address those needs elevates the quality and reputation of this university. When internal support is strong, UNC is better able to leverage large gifts from external supporters like corporations, foundations and private donors who view the number of faculty and staff who contribute to the university as an indicator of the university’s worth.

Did you know you can tell us exactly where you want your donation to go?

  • Want it to go to your department’s scholarship fund? OK!
  • How about to a faculty chair endowment? No problem!
  • Do you want it to go to a specific program you work with? We can do that!
  • And if you’re not sure where you’d like to give but you want to support UNC, we have a list of hundreds of funds for you to peruse.

Matching Funds for Campus Commons!

Gifts to Campus Commons from faculty, staff, and emeriti can receive an ADDITIONAL $1:$1 match for any gifts in the door while these special Campus Commons match dollars remain.  The Campus Commons match is capped at $5,000 per donor.

For more information on matching funds that can dramatically increase the impact of your gift--as well as answers to other frequently asked questions--please visit our FAQ page. Still unclear about how to complete your contribution? You can contact the Office of Development directly at 970-351-1886.

Click HERE to Donate Online with a Credit Card

Per pay period,
it's only:
For an annual 
gift of:
$83.34 $1,000
$41.67 $500
$20.84 $250
$4.17 $50

Click HERE for a Downloadable Payroll Form to Print (requires Adobe Reader)

 Payroll Deduction and One-Time Gifts
  1. Designate where you’d like to give
  2. Provide your contact information
  3. Choose your method of payment
    • Recurring payroll deduction (It’s EASY!)
    • Credit card
    • Pledge with mail-in payment