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We are UNC proud!

Team UNC

Team UNC consists of faculty, staff and students of the University of Northern Colorado who are committed to the excellence of this university and the preparation of its students by making a monetary commitment to the university.

As faculty and staff, you see first-hand the needs of our students and facilities. How you address those needs elevates the quality and reputation of this university. When internal support is strong, UNC is better able to leverage large gifts from external supporters like corporations, foundations and private donors who view the number of faculty and staff who contribute to the university as an indicator of the university’s worth.

There are as many reasons to give as there are UNC employees. We invite you to explore our testimonials page, get to know some of our Team UNC committee members, and learn about what makes them such passionate supporters of our annual campaign.

Through our combined efforts, 339 faculty and staff members contributed nearly $170,000 through Team UNC last year. Thank you for giving back to UNC and for all you do to help our students succeed!

For more information on matching funds that can dramatically increase the impact of your gift--as well as answers to other frequently asked questions--please visit our FAQ page. Still unclear about how to complete your contribution? You can contact the Office of Development directly at 970-351-1886.

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